Our Mission & Services

First Hope Early Identification & Intervention Program was established in September 2012.

Early Warning Signs

Early recognition and treatment is important to prevent or minimizing disability.

Why Early Identification

A person’s first episode of psychosis can be particularly distressing and confusing.

Reasons for Hope!

First Hope - Early Identification and Intervention to Prevent Psychosis

The First Hope Program Psychosis is a MHSA Prevention and Early Intervention Program of Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Services. The mission of the First Hope program is to reduce the incidence and disability of psychotic illnesses through:

  • Early identification of young people between ages 12 and 25 living in Contra Costa County, who are at risk for or showing early signs of psychosis.
  • Engaging and rapidly treating those identified as "at-risk," while maintaining progress in school, work and in social relationships.
  • Outreach and community education with the goal of identifying all young people in Contra Costa County who would benefit from early intervention services.
Primary Eligibility Criteria to Refer
  • Ages 12-25
  • Contra Costa County Resident
  • Presence of early warning signs, prior to first episode psychosis
  • Eligibility for comprehensive services will be determined after clinical assessment

Recent News

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As with heart disease and cancer, treatment is generally most effective and benign in the earliest stages of illness. Delays in treatment are associated with a slower and less complete recovery. As many as half of all cases of psychotic illness can be prevented, but this can only be done by early identification by those who first notice that something is wrong. In other words, you can help prevent mental illness through recognizing the early signs of psychosis.

Multidisciplinary Team

    First Hope multidisciplinary team consist of psychiatrists, psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapist, social workers, occupational therapists, employment & education specialist. Read More