What is a Multidisciplinary Team?

First Hope multidisciplinary team (MDT) consist of psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage & family therapists, social workers, occupational therapists, and employment & education specialists. The different professions all have different areas of expertise, so that they can combine their skill sets if necessary to tackle complex and challenging mental health conditions. The multidisciplinary team meet regularly to discuss their work with individuals so that each patient has a care plan best suited to their individual needs. Some details on the most common MDT members are set out below.

Some Roles and Duties Provided by Multidisciplinary Team Members

Multidisciplinary Team Member

Some Roles and Duties Provided


Perform assessments, provide talking therapies, prescribe medication, investigate for physical illnesses


Provide specialized talking therapies, perform in-depth assessments of aspects of brain functioning and behaviour

Employment & Educational Specialist

An education special (ES) provides assistance to students so they can successfully return to school or enroll in an educational program.

Support Employment (SE) is an approach to vocational rehabilitation that assists clients (and members of their families) in finding and keeping a job that pays a competitive wage, capitalizes on personal strengths, and provides the support necessary to be successful in the workplace.

Occupational Therapists

Provide skills assessments, formulate rehabilitation plan which is delivered both individually and in groups

MFTs & Social Workers

Provide support for clients, families, provide talking therapies, by leading MFG groups, advising in relation to housing, finances, and other supports as needed.

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