What to Expect

We Are Dedicated
First Hope is a comprehensive, early-intervention treatment program for teens and young adults who are at-risk of developing psychosis. We use a strength-based approach
which is designed specifically to put you and your teen back on track.
Getting back to you
First Hope will work with clients’ strengths to design an individualized treatment plan that will support them throughout the process and get them back on track to a productive life trajectory.

We understand early psychosis and are here to support you and your loved ones through the entire process. Help us get you the help you need.

First Hope Screening Interview
The initial screening can be done over the phone.
The interview determines if an assessment is indicated.
The SIPS is a 1-2 hour interview that assesses the presence of symptoms indicating that the young person is "at-risk."
Family-aided Assertive Community Treatment
If determined to be “at-risk” the young person and family are accepted into our program. At this point the family is assigned a a primary clincian who works with the whole team to coordinates treatment.
Multi-Family Groups
Multi-Family Groups (MFGs) are the heart of our program. They promote understanding of symptoms, development of skills, and stress reduction for everyone, in a positive and supportive environment. MFGs have be shown to encourage community re-integration, especially work and school, and improve family well-being.